If you do not have the opportunity to go to London, come and visit us. From here you can find and touch about a hundred designs of the famous “Tana Lawn Cotton” fabric, made with long fiber cotton from Ethiopia that has exceptional characteristics of freshness, comfort, durability and exalting colors and prints, making them extremely brilliant.
Spring/Summer new arrivals Pink shades are trendy.
Spring/Summer new arrivals with prevalent white and blu shades.
Spring/Summer new arrivals. Roses protagonist.
Fall/Winter new arrivals Blue shades.
Fall/Winter new arrivals with prevalent white and blu shades.
Fall/Winter new arrivals. Little details illuminated by yellow.
TRENDY, every shades of red.
LIGHT BLUE shades.
Disegns in periwinkle shades. 
Zipped Pochettes , available in a few designs.
BESPOKE. We sew shirt, pajamas, sheets, hemmed towels and whatsoever your fantasy suggests.