Our bespoke service and the possibility of limitless custom tailoring are central elements and the signature of our offer. All product types in our shop can be tailored to your needs with our extensive collection of fabrics per meter.

BESPOKE TAILORED SHIRTS on demand within 30 days.
CUFFS, BUTTONS, MONOGRAMS custom-tailoring details.
To sew a shirt two meters 150 cm height fabric are needed, while three meters 90 cm height fabric are required.
NIGHTWEAR on request we made each possible customization.
HOMEWEAR choose fabric, details and we made to you unique items.
SOLID COLORS AND TEXTURED LINEN suitable for upholstery, cushions and whatsoever home decor accessory.
FOR YOUR MOMENTS OF CONVIVIALITY: cotton and linen damask linen tablecloths 
TABLECLOTHS AND RUNNER: monograms and sizes at your complete discretion.
TWISTED THREADS countless colors.
TOWELS AND BATHROBES embroideries and monograms on request.
COUNTLESS SHADES to exalt details.
We do not limit your imagination, everything can be customized with figures, embroidery, finishes, or edges applied. Within 30 days, we make impeccable tights, pajamas, chemises; cushions of furniture, coatings; sheets, duvet covers, pillowcases, tablecloths, napkins, American placemats, and quilted bedspreads. Come visit us and our experienced and professional staff will assist you to meet your requirements. Our multi-year experience allows us to collaborate with architects and interior designers to design homes, boats and Hotel de Charme.